AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Note (9)

API Gateway

API Gateway - Key Features

API Gateway - Configuration

API Gateway - Caching

API Gateway - CORS

API Gateway - Same Origin Policy

API Gateway CheatSheet

  • API Gateway is a solution for creating secure APIs in your cloud environment at any scale.
  • Create APIs that act as a front door for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from back-end services.
  • API Gateway throttles api endpoints at 10,000 requests per second (can be increase via service request through AWS support).
  • Stages allow you to have multiple published versions of your API eg. prod, staging, QA.
  • Each Stage has an Invoke URL which is the endpoint you use to interact with your API.
  • You can use a custom domain for your Invoke URL eg.
  • You need to publish your API via Deploy API. You choose which Stage you want to publish your API.
  • Resources are your URLs eg. /projects
  • Resources can have child resources eg. /projects/-id-/edit
  • You defined multiple Methods on your Resources eg GET, POST, DELETE.
  • CORS issues are common with API Gateway, CORS can be enabled on all or individual endpoints.
  • Caching improves latency and reduces the amount of calls made to your endpoint.
  • Same Origin Policies help to prevent XSS attacks.
  • Same Origin Policies ignore tools like postman or curl.
  • CORS is always enforced by the client.
  • You can require Authorization to your API via AWS Cognito or a custom Lambda.


Kinesis - Data Streams

Kinesis - Firehose Delivery Stream

Kinesis - Video Streams

Kinesis - Data Analytics

Kinesis CheatSheet

  • Amazon Kinesis is the AWS solution for collecting, processing, and analyzing streaming data in the cloud. When you need “real-time” think Kinesis.
  • Kinesis Data Streams Per per running shard, data can persist within the stream, data is ordered and every consumer keeps its own position. Consumers have to be manually added (coded), Data persists for 24 hours (default) to 168 hours.
  • Kinesis Firehose - Pay for only the data ingested, data immediately disappears once processed.
  • Consumer of choice is from a predefined set of services: S3, Redshift, Elasticsearch or Splunk.
  • Kinesis Data Analytics - allows you to perform queries in real-time. Needs a Kinesis Data Streams/Firehose as the input and output.
  • Kinesis Video Analytics securely ingests and stores video and audio encoded data to consumers such as SageMaker, Rekognition or other services to apply Machine learning and video processing.
  • KPL (Kinesis Producer Library) is a Java library to write data to a stream.
  • You can write data to stream using AWS SDK, but KPL is more efficient.

AWS Storage Gateway

Storage Gateway Types

File Gateway (NFS)

Volume Gateway (iSCSI)

Volume Gateway - Stored Volumes

Volume Gateway - Cached Volumes

Tape Gateway (VTL)

Storage Gateway CheatSheet

  • Storage Gateway connects on-premise storage to cloud storage (hybrid storage solution)
  • There are three types of Gateways: File Gateway, Volume Gateway, Tape Gateway.
  • File Gateway lets S3 act a local file system using NFS or SMB, extends your local hard drive to S3.
  • Volume Gateway is used for backups and has two types: Stored and Cached.
    • Stored Volume Gateway continuously backups local storage to S3 as EBS Snapshots Primary Data on-premise.
    • Stored Volumes are 1GB to 16TB in size.
    • Cached Volume Gateway caches the frequently used files on-premise. Primary Data is stored on S3 Cached Volumes are 1GB to 32GB in size.
  • Tape Gateway backups up virtual tapes to S3 Glacier for long archive storage.
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